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One Stop Shop Service

We are a pure EMS company and we can deliver our "one stop shop" service including Engineering Specification, Component and PCB outsourcing, material management by turnkey and consigning, SMT, DIP, function testing, burn-in testing, product assembly, packaging and shipping. You won't need to separate your demand into different contract manufactures and will reduce the risk of quality management.

MES Quality Management

MES system, in term of Manufacturing Execution System, or known as Shop Floor Control, it is not only for the production resume for your products, but more important on the quality management by automation system. It will keep the quality factors to be real and consistent without any manually modification, and push us for the best quality and reliability standard.

Flexible Service

Our system can fulfill your any demand in mass production and HMLV (high-mix low-volume) production. Your inquiry in NPI, rapid sampling, PCBA sample and mass production, is always welcome to us. We provide the best quality, fair cost, fast delivery and flexibility procedure to support your good idea into good product.

Massive Component Warehouse

The ERP system with barcode management enables quick and accurate part and material control, and we are able to know the inventory & location of parts and materials in the shortest time. This not only saves the storage space for our customers but also avoid the trouble of purchasing small-volume materials often with long lead time, as our large-scale parts warehouse can immediately provides products and materials ready for use. Additionally, since the customers acquire all the materials from a single supplier, it obviously cuts down the costs and reduces their workload for the incoming inspection.

Process Introduction

1. Engineering

  • Collect and Check Engineering Data (BOM, X-Y Pick Up Table, and Gerber)
  • BOM Convert and Off-line Programming
  • SMT Information for SMT Production Line

2. Purchasing

  • Confirm the Demand and Specification of Materials
  • Provide the Cost and Delivery Date
  • Purchase to Official Suppliers

3. Warehousing

  • Manage the consigning and outsourcing materials
  • IQC (incoming quality control)
  • Material Management

4. Production Management

  • Manage the Production Schedule
  • Forecast and Analyze Material and Resource
  • Manage the shipping and delivery
  • Defect Material Procedure

5. SMT Stage

  • Engineering Data Check and Programming
  • Print Solder Paste and Inspect the Printing
  • SMT Chips Mounting
  • Mount Parts and Inspect the Mounting
  • Hot Air Reflow, AOI and Visual Inspection
  • QA and Repair the Defect Board

6. Thru Hole

  • Pre-processing and Thru Hole Manually
  • Visual Inspection and Auto Soldering
  • QC, ICT, QA and Subsequent Engineering

7. Testing

  • Technology Transfer and SOP Developing
  • Function Testing and Electricity Testing
  • Testing Jig and Fixture Setup and Design
  • Repairing and Testing Defect Products

8. Assembly and Packaging

  • Semi Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Product Packaging
  • Shipping

Photos of Workshop and Samples

Workshop View




All Bar code (shop floor) control


SMT line


Hand soldering line


AOI (Auto Optical Inspection)


Test line


Assembly and Packaging Line


BGA repair station



Automotive Product


Bar Code Scanner


Thermal Printer


Wireless Meeting System


POS System


Gaming Control Board


Industrial PC board


Fiber Communication Product


System on Module


Satellite Control Board


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